17 Aug 2017
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Web Portal
Finaya Software designed and developed CashTrack, an online budgeting tool for MoneyPants.com. CashTrack allows users to track and manage their income, expenses, and goals.
Stored Value Card Solutions
Finaya Software was a major technology partner in designing and developing a stored value card solution for e-lysium Transaction Systems, Inc, a South Florida-based technology company and provider of stored value solutions. The e-lysium stored value product suite included the following products:

e-lysium TransactionServer (eTS)

The eTS is a distributed, highly-scalable transaction processing engine built on a 100% pure Java platform. Using the industry standard Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA), the eTS was divided into several components, each performing a specific task. All processes communicated with each other using CORBA. All clients of the eTS also used CORBA to communicate with the eTS. The messages exchanged with external clients and within the processes were in the popular and widely used format called the eXtensible Markup Language (XML). One of the key components of the eTS was the persistence server. The persistence server provided an object-oriented interface for database persistence.

OnlineAccountManager (OAM)
OAM was a browser-based application to be used by e-lysium's partners, customers, and call centers. e-lysium's partners used OAM to manage one or more programs. The customers used OAM to manage their specific program and to initiate funds transfers for their consumers. The call centers used OAM to provide support to consumers of various programs. The availability of functions in OAM was driven by a sophisticated security structure based on the login information of each user.

OnlineConsumerPortal (OCP)
OCP was a browser-based portal to be used by consumers. OCP allowed consumers to access their account information and to manage their accounts. Consumers could also use OCP to initiate funds transfers to their established recipients or beneficiaries as well as to other accountholders.

OnlineTechnicalSupport (OTS)
OTS was a browser-based application to be used by e-lysium's partners and customers to open trouble tickets. OTS provided email notifications to appropriate technical staff members for reviewing and managing trouble tickets.

SystemConfigurationTool (SCT)
SCT, as the name suggests, was a tool to be used by internal staff members to configure the system. SCT was developed in Forté. SCT was used to setup all the necessary data such as customer information, fee plans and distributions, etc. prior to the launch of a program.

The e-lysium product suite included interfaces to various entities such as the partner banks, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, telephony providers, and funds transfer agencies. The entities that acted as clients to the e-lysium system exchanged messages in XML. Custom interfaces were built for entities that were servers of the e-lysium system.

Backend Processes
Several backend processes were developed to assess monthly access and dormancy fees, check account expiration, send email notifications, check funds transfer statuses, etc. One of the key backend processes was to check consumer names against a list of names published by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). This process used a sophisticated word search algorithm to flag consumers whose names matched one or more names in the OFAC list. The OFAC list consists of names of "foreign countries, terrorists, international narcotics traffickers, and those engaged in activities related to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction."

Although not part of the product suite for stored value solutions, ConvergentBilling was an initial design for a billing system for various services including telephony, e-commerce, and retail. Many of the concepts and technical designs used in ConvergentBilling were then used in the implementation of the products within the stored value solution product suite. SCT was developed using the same architecture and framework developed for ConvergentBilling.
Online Store Front
Finaya Software designed and developed an online storefront for DaVinciKid.com. This online store sells toys and other gift items. The storefront was integrated with Yahoo!® Store. We also designed and developed a powerful, yet easy to use automation tool that provides DaVinciKid.com to re-generate their entire storefront whenever changes are made to their Yahoo! Store Catalog. The automation tool also allows them to re-arrange the order in which store items are displayed as well as to not display items that are currently unavailable.
Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions
Finaya Software designed and developed an ERP solution for Coex Coffee International, Inc. A large size application designed to manage coffee traffic/brokerage. The application consists of a total of eight modules. Each module is independent, yet the data is integrated to generate sophisticated reports to help manage the operations of the various departments in the company.
Land Survey
Finaya Software designed and developed a work order system for Nova Surveyors, Inc. Nova is a land surveyor company. This application was designed to manage the daily operations of the company. The typical use is to enter orders for survey and related services, produce invoices based on these orders, and manage receivables. The application prints a host of government-mandated documents related to land surveys.
Law Enforcement
Finaya Software designed and developed numerous law enforcement commercial products for USA Software, Inc. The following is a list of some such products:

CadFile 2000™ and CadSwitch 2000™
Computer-Aided Dispatch system for tracking and dispatching officers at a police department. Uses timers to show the status of calls on hold and dispatched units. CadSwitch takes the information from CadFile and dispatches the information via TCP/IP to a Message Switch, which then sends the information to a Mobile Data Terminal (a laptop computer in the officers' cars.)

FloridaAccident 2000 and GeorgiaAccident 2000
An accident recording and reporting application, designed specifically to conform to the state laws of Florida and Georgia, respectively. The application contains screens and reports to ease the management of accidents handled by a specific police department.

JailFile 2000
This application was developed for the Microsoft Windows platform using Visual DataFlex. The application was used to maintain and manage a jail facility. Some of the features include inmate profiling, managing admission and discharge, and reporting.

PhotoFile 2000
Designed for police departments, this application maintained photographs of known criminals. The application was used to perform searches to aid the law enforcement officers to identify criminals.

This engine was built using Borland C++. The engine provided a graphical interface to define a layout of text files to be imported. The fields in the text file could be mapped to columns in a database table. Once the layout was defined, any file in that layout could be imported directly into the database.
Medical Staffing
The medical staffing and scheduling system was custom-designed and built for Comprehensive Medical Staffing (CMS), a South Florida-based medical staffing company. CMS employs nurses from all over the world and places them in various hospitals and medical centers in and around the South Florida area. The software system allows CMS to schedule, track, record time sheets, pay employees, bill hospitals, and manage their receivables.
Import / Export / Wholesale
Finaya Software designed and developed a sales and inventory management application designed specifically for import/export type businesses (SalesTrack). The application includes a sales, purchase and inventory module with built-in secure access to the application.
Courier and Logistics
Delivery entry and tracking system (DeliveryTrack). Delivery orders are entered by operators. A radio dispatcher to dispatch the orders to the drivers then uses a separate dispatch screen. Once deliveries are completed, the accounting staff completes the orders and then generates invoices in batch. Each order is date and time stamped at every stage, so it can be tracked very easily at any given point. DeliveryTrack also features accounts receivables, collections, and a multi-level security system.
Systems Integrator / Value Added Reseller
Prominent systems integrators and value added resellers needs to stay ahead of their competition by providing excellent service as well as analysis tools to their customers. Finaya Software designed and developed a reporting system that allows a local value added reseller to quickly and easily generate monthly executive summaries depicting utilizations of their customers' devices such as server utilization, memory utilization, bandwidth utilization, disk drive utilization and overall connectivity.
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